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Song of My Heart

About This Book

It’s a game of hidden identities, murder and high stakes poker. The biggest gamble? That love will be the winning hand.

Maxwell Grant, federal investigator and master of disguise, feels it’s his duty to look after the fairer sex. His resolve is tested, however, when he runs into the independent Abigail O’Brien while searching for a scar-faced thief and killer. Inspired by the feminist writings of popular suffragettes of the day, Abigail envisions for herself a life on the concert stage, not subservient to a man. And she has no trouble vocalizing her beliefs, which gets her into no end of trouble from which Max must rescue her. Max proposes she come with him on his mission, intent on protecting her while they look for a man only she can identify. She agrees, but wants no part of his “protection”. It’s equal partners or nothing. Max and Abby pursue their quarry from town to town, heating up the poker tables. And burning for each other. It’s a gamble that could pay off, in justice…and in the heart.