Panther’s Ambush

Inspired by black panther sightings around my hometown, I couldn’t resist writing this tale. It’s partially based on a CB radio conversation I know really happened. The sightings continue to this day, I’m told. How and why is unclear–like Sasquatch, how can such a creature continue to survive and where did it come from. I think there is more story to tell. Maybe by next Halloween…

New Romantic Ghost Stories for 2015

On Halloween 2015 Linda Madl released her third annual collection of ghost stories.

The Ghost Bride – Amazon

Two romantic old-fashioned ghost stories with just enough creepiness for the fall season.

A Fine Collection of Urns – Amazon

Four contemporary tales told in the spirit of the old Victorian gentlemen, but these narrators are women. Spooky. Leave the lights on while you read.

Happy Holidays from the Cemetery –  Amazon

Four hair-raising gothic tales from the prairie. For your reading pleasure, ghost lovers.

Newsest ghost story collection release.
Newsest ghost story collection release.


Re-release of Speak of Love


Dear Readers—
I’d like to announce the re-released Speak of Love on Kindle through Mythical Press. Why this title again? Because like you, I love a Scottish setting. On my second visit to Edinburgh one evening my husband and I walked along a country road during the long summer twilight. From a nearby glen we could hear a water fall, and beside us we could see the mist gathering over the pastureland. It gave one a chill. How easy it was to envision Macbeth’s witches at the wood’s edge chanting over a boiling kettle. From the walls of Dunvegan castle I pictured the billowing sails of a pirate ship. Sitting at a restaurant window, we admired a luminous rainbow arching across a loch. Scotland is indeed a land of inspiration for writer and reader.
It is a land of brownies and elves, castles and lochs, witches, kelpies, lowlands and highlands, Jacobites and pirates. The men and women have survived invasions, occupations, and wars. Atmospheric, picturesque, and rich in history, Scotland is fascinating to research and perfect as inspiration for heroes and heroines of any age.
Honora and Brec are among my favorite characters. They are strong people bent on protecting their families. After a rocky courtship and a wedding in ancient St. Giles, they journey across Scotland to the west coast, hoping to find a future in a war-torn country. But, can they find their way to each other? If you’ve not read my work before, I hope you’ll read Speak of Love.
Here’s the Amazon link:
Linda Madl
April 2015

“New” book coming from Lee Killough

Killough-DoppelgangerGambit2Books We Love will shortly be publishing a new…well almost new…e-book by Lee Killough.  Years ago I wrote three science fiction books featuring a pair of detectives…Janna Brill and “Mama” Maxwell. Strange name for him but it popped into my head as I was looking for a name for him and Mama he became and stayed. She’s the tough by the book detective; he’s the unconventional and intuitive partner. Not very original now but back in the 70’s when I wrote The Doppelganger Gambit it seemed a novel twist. I was re-publishing my old print titles as e-books to give them a second life and reading these three books, the characters and plots still seemed sound. So, I thought…update the tech a bit (because what seemed futurist in the seventies pre PCs and cell phones and tablets was soooo stone age) and we’re good to go. Right.

Somewhere I read the statement: What man makes, remakes man. As I worked out the tech, building on what we have right now, and applying that to the story, I discovered how true that statement was. New tech didn’t just affect criminal investigation, it changed the whole society they’re in. So an “update” turned into a two-year job where I ended up writing virtually a new book. Same characters, same crime, same bad guy, and even similar sequence of events, but much different scenery along the way, if you will. I’m hoping readers will enjoy it. But we’ll just have to see.

For Your Summertime Reading

Dear Reader,

Summer reading time is here.

The holidays and winter are over. So, it’s time to put away the spicy and shiny things of fall and winter and look toward the blue-sky days of sunshine and lemonade. In that spirit, I’ve unpublished my e-book offerings on Kindle, The Christmas Pearls, and Happy Holidays from the Gates of Hell.

As you look for porch, beach, or lakeside reading—I hope you’ll purchase some of my earlier works in book form.

  • Sunny is a love and adventure story set in post-Civil War days when Jesse James rode the tree-shaded lanes of Missouri.
  • Sweet Ransom takes you to the steppes of Russia and Cossack country in the late 1600s. Elise and Nicholas dare to search for her captured baby sister among the Tartars.
  • In Bride and Groom, you can read my story, “The Bridal Cup,” about a long lost family heirloom that must be returned to Scotland. American Leonora, a modern woman doctor, promises to return the ancient cup to an old-fashioned Scottish lord, Ross of Glenalder, in the Highlands.

My books are available online from Amazon and other used bookstore sites. I hope you’ll make friends with them this summer.

In the fall, watch for my new seasonal e-pub stories for Halloween and Christmas

Wishing you good summertime reading,

Linda Madl


The Christmas Pearls

The Christmas Pearls by Linda Madl
New Release I’m always sad to see Halloween pass. The warm oranges and reds of October fade into the grayness of November. The leaves fall from the trees, and darkness comes early to the day. Thank heavens those stalwart Pilgrims redeemed the month with Thanksgiving. Beyond lies Christmas. Green and red. Silver and blue. Gold and white. Glittering icicles and fuzzy white snowdrifts. Aromatic pine needles and glowing Christmas candles. For lots of people the yuletide season is the best of the year. That’s the way it was for my dad. That’s why “The Christmas Pearls” is dedicated to him. He was the one who herded us into the car to go get the Christmas tree—not that we were reluctant. It had to be a real one, with needles to litter Mom’s floor. She didn’t mind. Every year the trees seemed to get bigger. Commotion filled our house those early days of December—carrying the tree inside. Making it fit the tree stand. Climbing the ladder to crown it with a star. Arranging the lights. Draping the boughs with ropes of tinsel and finishing off the branch tips with fluttery foil icicles. And, so went our annual tree decorating ritual. Noisy and chaotic and full of fun and cheer, except when we disagreed over the placement of a beloved ornament. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was to learn during my historical research for “The Christmas Pearls” that Christmas trees weren’t part of the early American holiday tradition in New England. I wanted to put one in the corner of the Freedom Inn parlor. Alas, decorated trees as seasonal decoration would come later in the century along with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. So goes the surprise and challenge of writing historical fiction. However, my research turned up plenty of other warm and romantic traditions to work into Eli, Abigail, and Sara’s story. ”The Christmas Pearls,” a re-release of a tale first published in HOLIDAY INN, is available now at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. I loved writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it. Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season. Linda Madl

Up coming book from LEE KILLOUGH

The galley proofs for my new SF novel Ancient Enemy, true SF, and a space opera, arrived from Yard Dog Press yesterday. So all reading and writing is on hold while I proof the galleys. So far they’re looking pretty clean. Yard Dog hopes to have the book ready by Worldcon. I have my fingers crossed and am looking forward to seeing the cover…which I haven’t yet.