For Your Summertime Reading

Dear Reader,

Summer reading time is here.

The holidays and winter are over. So, it’s time to put away the spicy and shiny things of fall and winter and look toward the blue-sky days of sunshine and lemonade. In that spirit, I’ve unpublished my e-book offerings on Kindle, The Christmas Pearls, and Happy Holidays from the Gates of Hell.

As you look for porch, beach, or lakeside reading—I hope you’ll purchase some of my earlier works in book form.

  • Sunny is a love and adventure story set in post-Civil War days when Jesse James rode the tree-shaded lanes of Missouri.
  • Sweet Ransom takes you to the steppes of Russia and Cossack country in the late 1600s. Elise and Nicholas dare to search for her captured baby sister among the Tartars.
  • In Bride and Groom, you can read my story, “The Bridal Cup,” about a long lost family heirloom that must be returned to Scotland. American Leonora, a modern woman doctor, promises to return the ancient cup to an old-fashioned Scottish lord, Ross of Glenalder, in the Highlands.

My books are available online from Amazon and other used bookstore sites. I hope you’ll make friends with them this summer.

In the fall, watch for my new seasonal e-pub stories for Halloween and Christmas

Wishing you good summertime reading,

Linda Madl