Lee Killough updates

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted. But I’ve been busy. What seemed a simple job of editing an old book, Bloodlinks, for republishing as an e-book and finishing out the three Garreth Mikaelian vampire cop series (well, three books so far) turned into one of those domino projects, change one thing and everything changes. But it’s done. Bloodlinks the e-book version (better I think than the original one…lots of new scenes, expanded role for one character) is up. Not only that but Books We Love has published an omnibus edition of the Garreth books, Special Edition Lee Killough, also available on Amazon, all three books in one reasonably priced e-book. Now I’m working on a ms I plan to submit to Yard Dog Press. No supernatural detectives this time; this one is pure science fiction…space opera…aliens, evil aliens, space ships, alien planets. Ancient Enemy is the working title. It’s been fun working on and I hope my beta readers find it fun to read. Then, breath held, I will send it off for editorial judging. Down the road…I’m going to edit by three Brill/Maxwell sf mysteries for e-book publication. Three books. That should keep me busy for at least the next year.