All About Bumps in the Night and Other Frights

Linda Madl, Barbara Baldwin, Lee Killough and Sheri L. McGathy will be presenting the program:

 All About Bumps in the Night and Other Frights

on October 24, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. at the Johnson County Library

Spring Hill Branch

109 S Webster Sttreet

Spring Hill, KS  66083

 They will be reading excerpts from Trespassing Time and Killer Karma as well as discussing theories and ideas that inspired their tales. There will be a question and answer session after the presentation where they will answer questions about their writing and talk more about ghosts.

New Short Story now Available from Sheri L. McGathy

I'm very pleased to announce that Wolfsinger Publications – Their ezine "The Lorelei Signal" has published my short story PROMISES. The story can be read here:

PROMISES follows a warrior named Shay, who is determined to find the Spirit Blade that imprisoned her lover's soul and fulfill her promise to set him free by killing him.

I do hope you’ll surf over and read all the stories in this issue of The Lorelei Signal!

Current issue story listings can be found here:

Sheri L. McGathy