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Elfen Gold – A Storyteller Tale

ISBN: 978-1490597188

About This Book

Elfen Gold ~ The adventure begins….

A Storyteller Tale by Sheri L. McGathy

“Gather round. Aye, gather near, and I will spin you a tale of magic from a time long since lost to lore. Come and I will tell of elves and the kingdom of Ra-Jee, a kingdom now forgotten in the mists of enchantment.

“This tale is one of sacrifice and sorrow, yet one of hope offered to a future not yet written.”

The Storyteller curled his gnarled fingers Over the worn top of his cane and smiled.

“And it is a tale of a young elfen maiden named Ra-May and the human male, Michall, she is destined to meet.

“Come, join me as I tell of these two very different and unique individuals, brought together by fate, and guided by ancient magic as they venture forward to save Ra-Jee—or die trying.

“And so,” whispered the old Storyteller. “The tale begins….”