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Her Scottish Legacy

ISBN: 9780228616153

About This Book

Hunter MacGregor is content with his life, raising sheep in the lowlands of Scotland. Even when he must take over management of the local textile mill after the owner dies, he accepts the additional responsibility to keep the mill running. Yet before the heir can be found, his life is upended further when he rescues a woman from a watery carriage accident only to find she has lost her memory.

He names her Heather and the only clue to her identity is a letter. However water has washed away the words and all that remains is an embossed seal. Her accent is American and he wonders why she traveled alone to a Scottish village. Her humor and gentleness soon enchant him and her kisses create a passion he never thought to experience.

Heather must rely on Hunter’s good graces until her memory returns. As the days pass, she falls in love with the beauty of the lowlands and the kindness of the people she encounters. Yet central to it all is the one she comes to love the most. Hunter is a man who encourages her to be herself and teaches her the wonders of pleasure.

When Heather recovers her memory the mystery deepens. Why does she claim a connection with a woman who disappeared from Gilchrist over twenty-five years ago? How can an American be the heir to a Scottish fortune? If everything they discover proves true, Hunter must accept the fact that although he loves her, he must let her go.

As for Heather, regardless of the mystery behind her legacy, there is only one issue to be considered. How can she convince Hunter all the wealth in the world means nothing if she can’t have his love?

5 stars review by Tricia McGill

“This a masterly historical that kept me entranced from the beginning, not only with the descriptions of the scenery and the local customs, but the passion shared by this couple that sets the pages alight. I fell in love with Hunter’s gentle kindness and with Heather’s cheeky impudence. I am sure any reader will do the same as he teaches her the pleasures to be gained from shared passion, while she teaches him that love overcomes all obstacles.”