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Loving Charlie Forever

ISBN: 9780228608417

About This Book

Charlie Cannon’s love of history has led to a very successful writing career. Research for his next book has brought him to Stone, South Dakota, where he hopes to find a topic worthy of best seller status.

Jacy Douglas’s ancestors homesteaded near Stone almost one hundred forty years ago, but now a national conglomeratewants her Gram’s land to build a western theme amusement park and resort. Unless Jacy can find the original deed to the land, and determine whether a long-dead relative was an outlaw, the Circle B ranch will be lost.

A chance meeting between Charlie and Jacy starts sparks flying but although she finds him attractive, she doesn’t trust him, thinking he is one of the investors. When he convinces her he is a writer in search of a story, she takes him riding to share the story of Gram’s land and ancestors, but they are swept up in a dust storm and end up in the original town of Stone in 1877.

During the day, Charlie finds excitement living the history he has only written about. But the attraction he feels for Jacy is something that transcends the centuries and at night, they share a passion that helps them forget they may be lost in time forever. Even as they find answers to Jacy’s quest and the mysteries of the past, how can they get that information, and themselves, back to the present?


5 Stars — Excellent twist and smooth transitions

“Ms. Baldwin has a real knack at developing her characters, Charlie and Jacy’s relationship has a definite arc with a truly satisfying ending. This romance has an incredible twist of historical and time travel. What a pleasant surprise, as I’m captivated by the genre. Ms. Baldwin wrote it with such a smooth transition from present day to historical times, and her way of noting the difference between the two eras came from her character’s experiences…intriguing and well thought out.”