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No Place Like Home – Growing Up in Manhattan, Kansas 1948-1964

June 2021

ISBN: 979-8525259720

About This Book

Jerri Garretson lived a total of 33 years in Manhattan, Kansas, in three periods. This book features 55 topics about life in the years she was growing up there, plus 13 mini-biographies of teachers and neighbors that were important in her life. It is illustrated with over 800 photos of people, places, and events, and even everyday objects most of us no longer use. To assist readers unfamiliar with Manhattan, she has included maps, and to anchor local events to the nation and the world, there is a timeline. The book is thoroughly indexed. Though many dates and events are mentioned, it is not a history of the city, but rather an entertaining account about the way of life in that time and place.Front cover of "No Place Like Home"