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Wilding Nights

ISBN: 978-0-986-74333-7

About This Book

Homicide detective Allison Goodnight has a big problem. A rogue werewolf killed the victim in her latest case. She knows the signs; she is a werewolf, too. Her whole family is. It is urgent that she close this case without revealing the killer’s nature before humans’ racial memory of her kind awakens. But her new partner Zane Kerr is watching her with unnerving intensity. He is disturbed by her secretive behavior on this case. And when the description of a woman seen with the victim matches a number of Allison’s relatives, he has to wonder if she is trying to protect, not catch, the killer. He is determined to find out. Which could be fatal for him. If he learns too much, Allison may have to turn killer herself to protect her people.