E-book release

Fall is a wonderful time of year with fresh blue skies, brisk breezes, and early darkness. It’s the perfect time for ghost stories and tales of the weird and strange—favorite reading for me. It’s also fun to write uncanny tales. Recently I’ve released through BooksWeLove Publishing Partners (BWLPP) my original short story for e-readers, “Serafina.” In this old-fashioned ghost story, an artist and his friend learn the truth about the power of love over death.

I’m a collector of true ghost stories and love reading about other peoples’ experiences with the paranormal. My collection of true ghost story books numbers over 200. It includes volumes from England, Scotland, Norway, Canada, and across the US. To be honest, I’m a coward. I prefer experiencing the paranormal vicariously through stories. But that hasn’t kept me from expressing what is creepy and spine-chilling about the supernatural. Go to the BWLPP website or Kindle or Smashword for your copy of “Serafina.”




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